"Devil's Dream" by Samantha
"Devil's Dream" by Samantha





My instrument was made with a tambourine, a kazoo, a bell, a horn, a bridge, a guitar string, a broom handle, a piece of lattice, popsicle stick, a pot lid, and a violin pet.

My dad and I worked together as we built the instrument. It took us about three to four days. I assisted by holding down things.

Sound is produced through vibration like blowing through the kazoo, shaking the tambourine, and squeezing the horn. I blow through the kazoo, I tap the pot lid, I shake the tambourine, I squeeze the horn, I flick the bell, I strum the string.

I can blow hard or soft through the kazoo, I can change the pitch by hitting the potlid hard or soft, I can shake the tambourine soft or hard.

If you go up and down on the string that would be described as gravelly, and if you squeeze the horn it would be described as squeaky. If you hit the tambourine it would be hollow, and if you blow through the kazoo it would be airy.