"Board Zither" by Tyler

The instrument I made was the Board Zither (also known as the Psalter).

My Dad helped, He cut the wood out on his saws and I did the sanding and

the staining of the Zither. I also helped put the strings on.

The sound produced by the Zither is made by strumming or plucking the

stings. By changing the tension of the strings you can change the sound of the Zither.

The Zither is played mainly in the Far East. The Vietnamese instrument that is used today took its

form in the twelfth century. It consists of sixteen steel strings stretched over an oblong sound box.

Some of the more common Zithers that are known today are the harpsichord,

the autoharp and the steel guitar.

My Zither took four hours to make and it was done at last.