Bead Bone Rattle

First my dad and I went to the store to get some bones. Dad cut the bone with his saw into eight small pieces. Next I got a coat hanger and measured 2 feet after my dad straightened the coat hanger. He then cut the hanger with wire cutters. Then I bent the hanger into a circle leaving about 3 inches on each side. Then I strung the bones onto the hanger and my mom helped me twist each end of the hanger to make a handle. Then we added twine for the handle by wrapping the 3-inch ends to complete the handle. Finally I used a hot glue gun to place colored beads on each of the bones. This took about 1 hour.

The sound is produced by shaking the rattle this causes the bones to hit against each other.

To change the dynamics louder you shake the rattle harder…soft to make it softer. You cannot change the pitch on the rattle. The timbre of the rattle sounds gravely to me.