Deer Dream Shaker

First I cut the rabbit fur to fit the cardboard tube. Then my mom helped me hot glue the fur to the tube. I cut two circles out of deer leather and several leather strips for tying. After the leather circles were cut, I cut slits to weave the leather through.

I tried to make a good sound by adding these different items; rice, beads, then finally bb's. Bb's made the best sound. My mom and I decided the cardboard tube didn't sound good, so we took the cardboard tube out and my cousin Andy gave us a piece of PVC pipe. My mom cut the pipe to 12". We changed tubes. I added 1/2 cup BB's and put the fur back over the tube. The sound was much better. I put material with Velcro on the ends of the tubes to hold the BB's in.

Then I put the tube on the deer horns and also cut a piece of leather to fit the deer skull so it could be used as a handle. To add the final touch I added a turkey feather.

My instrument makes sound by being shaken harder or softer. Rolling the tube affects the sound it makes