The Hockey Stick Harp

First I took a hockey stick and cut it to about 36" with a hand saw. Next I measured and marked the stick for the holes to be drilled. After that I drilled 4 holes on the blade end and screwed four screws in. Then I drilled four bigger holes on the shaft and twisted four eyebolts in the holes. I found some string and tied a knot on to each screw then onto the eyebolts and turned each one tight. I tried it and you couldn't hear it real good, so my dad found me some wire out in his shop and we tied a knot in each wire and put it on the screw. I then twisted the wire onto the eyebolts. You could hear it better with the wire. So, I took off all the wire; unscrewed the screws and untwisted the eyebolts. When I was done doing that I found some blue and yellow paint and put two coats of one color on one half and two coats of the other color on the other half. When it was dry, I put the eyebolts and screws back in. I tied the wire back over each screw on the back and twisted the eyebolts back in the handle, twisted the wire back on them and tightened the wire. I cut off the end of a paint stick and made it into a pick and spray painted both sides blue.

My dad helped me with the idea, and putting the wire on. It took me about 4 hours to make The Hockey Stick Harp.

My instrument has to be strummed. I can strum it soft to make a soft sound and hard to make it sound loud. If I strum it up higher on the strings, it sounds higher in pitch and when I strum down low on the strings, it produces a low pitch. The timbre of my instrument is a twanging sound