My Didjeridu

My mom and I made a wax blower for music. First my Grandpa gave us tubes of wrapping paper. We had to loosen the paper and pull out the tubes.

My mom helped me pour wax over the tubes. She used a ladle to scoop the wax and pour it over them while I turned them. Once in a while the ladle would fall in the wax.

We wanted to add color to the wax blower. Just then we found we had no paint. So we used crayons. First we melted one crayon at a time. Then we found cool things to dip in the wax, but you have to do it fast. Each layer made a new design.

Sound is produced by putting your lips against the wax mouth piece. You blow it like the way a baby would with its lips. It should sound like a low pitched rumbling sound. It tickles your lips a lot. It takes a lot of practice. The harder the instrument is blown the louder it gets. The pitch is really hard because you have to use your voice and tongue at the same time.