PVC Drain Stick

My dad and I went to Home Depot to buy PVC pipe. It was too long. So my Dad asked someone who worked there to cut it to fit in the truck. Then my dad and I took it home. My Dad let me help cut it to the right length with a saw. When it was cut, I screwed one screw in and it was the wrong kind. So my Dad told me to take it out. Then I went to our pole barn and Dad showed me what I should use instead. We had to drill pilot holes for these screws first. Dad showed me how. Then he helped me screw them in because I could not push hard enough. So dad pushed down while I pulled the trigger. I put about half the screws in by myself. With help I did the rest. Then I got out caps that we bought and put one on so that it would catch what I put in. I got out the popcorn seeds and put a few in. I did not like the sound so I tooka frew out. Then when I got the sound I wanted I put the other cap on.

Then I took some sponges and cut them into little squares. Then I dabbed the ends into the paint and pounced them onto my Drain Stick. It looked great! After I put every color I had on I took a small paintbrush and painted the screw heads. I was really happy with it. I put it into our laundry sink to dry. When I came back home the paint had all dried ---and fell off!!! I learned that the PVC pipe is too smooth for paint to stick to it. My dad thought it looked cool with just the screw heads painted so that's what we did.

A sound is produced by tipping it upside down. The pitch cannot change. You change the dynamics by moving it faster or slower. It sounds crackly.