Rockin' Rollin' Gert's Chimes

 My dad helped me make my instrument. After my dad and I figured out how to make the instrument he cut up some old copper pipes at his workplace. Then he brought the pipes home. My sister and I sorted out the pipes in red, green, blue, and yellow. The next night I painted on another coat. I asked my mom if we could buy some beads the next time we went to the store. So we did. After that my dad got some fishing line at Meijer to hang the pipes. Then my dad drilled a hole in the pipes. I put fishing line through the holes in the pipes. While I was doing that, my dad soldered the pipes together for the stand. Then my dad and I put the string that was on the pipes through the pipes. Next my dad cut up two pieces of wood for the mallets. After that he found some washers because I didn't know what to put on top of the mallets. Later that night, I started to hot glue different color beads on the mallets. My sister also helped me. Last but not least I tried the chimes out. They work really well, except its kind of hard to play a song!

I can change the pitch of my instrument to high and low…the short pipes are high, the long pipes are low. That is because the longer pipes vibrate slower then the shorter pipes do.

The harder I hit the chimes the louder the dynamics. When I hit my chimes lighter they have a soft dynamic. People in the orchestra play chimes a lot. I don't know a lot about chimes, but I do know that they sound brassy. I hope I can use my chimes a lot and learn more about them.