The Sarah Bow

I made the Sarah Bow by first gathering a sharp knife, fishing line, one nail, a power drill and 1 little plastic bowl.

Then I took the sharp knife a cut a curved stick froma tree in my front yard. After I took the shavine knife and started shaving the stick. After my dad took the stick and bruned it over the stove. Once the stick was done burning I let it sit for a while. After that my dad helped me double the string. Then my dad held the stick whild I tied the string to both ends. After I drilled a hole in the bottom center. After I took the power drill and drilled the nail with the bowl still on the naiil and drilled it into the stick. Finally I painted it and I was done.

It produces sound by plucking the string. You pluck it hard to make a loud sound. The pitch changes by how tight the string is.