The Shelby Granger

My mom helped me make this. I took an empty coffee can and cut out the bottom. I took the lid and put tape on both sides. My mom took the lid and put a hole in the center with a knife. I took a pencil and put tape on one end. Then I stuck it through the middle of the lid. Next I put tape on the part of the pencil closest to the lid on the inside. That way the pencil would not move. Mom went to the computer and brought up a program and I typed in my name. Then I printed it. I folded the ends to fit the can. Then I put glue on the paper and stuck it to the can. I picked out buttons and hot glued them to the can for decoration. I colored and put stickers on the lid. It took about one hour to make my instrument.

To produce sound I hold the can in my left arm and use a wet rag to pull up and down on a pencil.

When I hold the pencil tightly and pull down hard the dynamics is loud. The pitch is low. Sometimes the timbre is barky.