Spirit of the Wild

I chose to make a hand drum for my project. First my Dad cut the cardboard tube with a table saw. I made sure the rims of the cardboard tube were smooth. Then I painted the tube using hunter green paint. Next I cut out two plywood rings using a sabre saw. Then I sanded the edges, top and bottom surfaces using an electric finish sander. Then next day I stained the plywood rings and the legs and let them dry overnight. The following day I added two coats of varnish to make the wood shine and protect it. After the varnish had dried for two more days I began the assembly by screwing the legs onto the base. I then soaked the chamois in cold water to make it stretchy. Then my Dad stapled it to the top of the plywood ring because I could not squeeze the stapler hard enough. With my dad's help we laced the string through the top and bottom rings at each end of the cardboard tube. I let the chamois dry overnight. The following day I put mineral oil on the chamois to protect it and keep it soft.

Pounding on the top of it produces the sound on my drum. I can change the sound of the drum by adjusting the rope. If the rope is tight it will make a high pitch.

It took me about 2 weeks to complete my drum but only about five to six hours in total. My dad and I had a fun time building it and I learned a lot about using different tools and how they work.