The Storm Caller

I bought the wood, spray paints, brackets, nails, letters and string at Home Depot. I bought BBs, beads, and handles at Wal-Mart. The prisms I bought at my mom's antique shop.

First we brought the materials home and measured the wood into four 36 inch pieces. Then we cut the wood with a hand saw. Then we went over to my Grandpas. We used an automatic saw for the rest of the cutting. Then we took some of the spare wood and cut it into two squares for the end pieces. My dad showed me how to use the power drill and I screwed in the brackets. I screwed in 24 brackets to the inside wood.

My dad predrilled the outside of the wood so that the wood would not splinter when we screwed it together. Then I screwed the sides and the bottom together and I added 6,000 BB's. Then I screwed on the top.

Then I spray painted and decorated it. It took a day for th spray paint to dry. It took two days to make.

When the instrument is tipped the BBs go through the brackets holes and some hit the brackets. You can tip it fast or slow to change the dynamics. It has a smooth timbre.

The sound is like a large thunderstorm.