The Wooden Saxophone

My dad helped me make my instrument. My dad and I went and bought a 7 foot and a 3 inch wide board. The kind of board is maple. My grandpa let us use his tools and stuff in his work shop. My dad thinned up the board with a planer. My dad cut the board with a circular saw then a table saw. My dad cut the angles with a band saw. Then I glued together and sanded it the next day. Then my dad cut the angle for the mouth piece. Then I measured for the holes and my dad drilled the holes. Then I sanded it. After I sanded it I stained it then I varnished it and let it dry. Then next day I put a string and a screw in it to hold the reed. It took at least four days to make it.

My sound is produced by blowing on it and making the reed vibrate.

I change the dynamics by blowing harder and softer. By picking up my fingers up off the holes I can change the pitch. The timbre of my instrument is airy like the wind whistle.