The Z Drum

I made my Z Drum by using an empty coffee can. Then I glued 5 sheets of square 100% cotton paper 1 inch bigger then the diameter of the drum. I glued the paper by using Elmer's glue with a paint brush and covered the whole paper with glue. Then I put that paper that has glue all over it and put it on the back of the other paper. Then I took 7 rubber bands and put them on the side of the drum to hold the paper down tight. My friend Heath helped me on the paper that goes all the way around the drum and he helped me make a pair of drumsticks.

My instrument has to be struck. It makes that sound from the echoing inside.

The dynamics can be changed by striking the drum harder or softer. The pitch can be changed by hitting the drum in the middle to make a low pitch or by hitting it on the outside of the middle for a high pitch. The timbre of my drum sounds smooth tones because the sound it makes is a low echoing pitch.