The Bena Banjo

by Sabrina O.

The name of my banjo is Bena. I chose this name because my grandma calls me Brina. I was telling my grandma about the banjo I was going to make and she told me to name it something special, so I named it my Bena Banjo.

I made my banjo out of a piece of wood, and it was 5 inches too long. My Dad helped me use his table saw, and I cut the board the right length. Then I cut two eye shaped holes in my ice cream container, and I stuck my board through the holes, and used thumbtacks to tack it down. After that I painted my banjo, then I taped around the handle. I then taped a balloon around the top of the container. My dad and I screwed eyelet screws on both sides of the handle, and then I used fishing line for the strings. The last thing I did was cut and glue the bridges.

After finishing my banjo, I started playing with the strings, and I discovered that I needed to make the strings sound deeper so I put my fingers on the neck of the banjo strings, and to make the sound lighter I do not put my fingers on the neck to strum the strings.

This is how I made my banjo with my dad's help. It was a fun and learning project for both of us.