The Blue Jay Bells

by Sara T.

My instrument is called the "Bluejay Bells". The first thing I had to do was to make a drawing of what I wanted the instrument to look like. Then I made a list of materials I needed.

My Dad took me to Home Depot to buy the materials. My Dad helped me measure and cut the pipe and tubes to the size I wanted.

The holes had to be drilled in the tubes with an electric drill. My brother David took on this job. David used a quarter inch drill bit.

I used a cardboard box to spray paint the tubes and bells. Eight inch nylon rope was used to hang the bells.

Once the instrument was complete I checked for the proper sound. The harder I hit the bells the louder the dynamics were. The longest chime has the lowest pitch and the shortest chime has the highest pitch. The tempo increases or decreases as I change the speed of the mallet hitting the bells.