Copper Pipe Xylophone  

by Samantha D.




THe name of my instrument is "Copper Pipe Xylophone." My Mom, Dad, sister and brother helped me make it. First my dad and I looked on the internet and looked at some of the instruments. Then we chose an instrument and printed the directions. Then the next day my dad and I drew plans and when my mom got home from work we went to Meijer. We bought two dowels and some wood glue. After that we went to Home Depot and bought some copper pipe. We also used some wood we had in the shed.


My brother borrowed a pipe cutter, and my dad and I measured and cut the pipes. Then I measured the wood and my brother and I went out to the shed and cut the wood. The next day my dad and I put the wood together but did not glue the wood because we found out that the end needed to be angled.


So the next day my dad and I measure the wood again and marked it so my brother could cut it off. My brother and I went out to the shed and cut the wood on an angle. My sister and I used scotch brite and cleaned the pipes. Then my dad and I annealed the pipes by heating them until they turned red and quenched them in cold water. I drew music notes on the wood. My brother gave my dad and me a three quarter inch dowel, my dad cut it in half and then drilled a hole in the middle of the dowel large enough for the small dowel to fit into, and then glued the small dowel in side the bigger dowel to make the mallets. Then my mom bought some stretchy string on her way home from school. Then my dad and I made lines on the frame. My dad screwed screws in the frame. Then we took the stretchy string and we threaded it through the pipes and around the screws.


Sound is produced by hitting the copper tubing with the wooden mallets. No, the instrument does not have to be blown , strummed, shaken or tipped. It has to be struck or tapped. I can make the dynamics change by hitting the xylophone harder to make it louder, and I hit it softer to make it quieter. The pitch can be changed by hitting the smaller pipe it makes it a high sound or by hitting the longer pipe it makes a low sound. My instrument is very metallic.