The Flying V Guitar

by Scott L.


When I got home the day my teacher told us I got a piece of paneling wood and some luann and got an idea to make a guitar so I took the piece of paneling and a pencil and drew a flying guitar. I cut it out with a jigsaw and my dad helped me on that part. I got a piece of treated pine and nailed it to the paneling and luann. After that I cut a hole in it and a groove for the string. After that I got a piece of paper and started to draw it out just how I wanted it.

When I got done I sprayed it red and gold with spray paint. First I sprayed red on it and then I sprayed gold on it and then it dried. When it got done drying I put screw eyes on the end of it and got the rubber bands and tied them on to the screw eyes. This guitar took from the day my teacher told us to February 9, 2004.

When you make a sound you strum it.

To make the pitch on my guitar higher and lower you twist the screw eyes and it makes the string tighter and looser.

When you tighten the string, it makes a vibrating sound. When you loosen it, it makes a bold sound.