Gourd Rattlers

by Brittany D.


My instrument's name is the Gourd Rattlers. My parents bought the gourds at the farm market and I had to let them dry for 12 weeks. Then my mom showed me how to sand them. I used a 60 grade sand paper to sand my gourds and then I finished it with a 150 grade sand paper to make them smooth. My mom sprayed them with a clear gloss so they would be shiny, she sprayed them because it was too hard for me. It took me four hours to do both of my gourds.

When you shake the gourds up down or side to side they make sound. I think it sounds like raindrops.

You can change the sound by shaking them hard or soft, you can also shake a lot or a little. You can change the dynamics by going up and down for loud and side to side for soft; it's all in the wrist. The pitch changes with the size of the gourd, the bigger the gourd the lower the pitch. The timbre of the instrument is rattly.