by Avery H.


The name of my instrument is the K.R.B. stick. I made the K.R.B. stick by going to a carpet store with my Papa and getting a cardboard tube. Second, I cut the carpet tube with my Dad. Third, I put a bunch of one and three quarter inch nails in the tube. Then, I spray painted the K.R.B. stick Blue and Gold. Then I put popcorn kernels, rice and beans inside it. The sixth thing I did was glue the ends on with carpenter glue.


The sound is produced by tipping it back and forth. The items inside bounce off the nails until they fall to the end of the stick. The kernels, rice and beans fall to the other end.


I changed the dynamics of the K.R.B. stick when I made it. The noise was a little too loud with only the kernels inside, so I added the rice and beans. This made the sound a little softer. I changed pitch by putting rice and beans. The beans made the sound lower the rice made it higher. The timbre of my instrument sounds like rain falling. It has a tinkly sound.


I am not sure where the rain stick comes from. I think that it was used to call on rain when they needed rain. I think it does sound like rain falling.