My PVC Flute

by Tyler K.

My instrument is called the PVC flute. My dad and I went to Home Depot and picked up some 3/4" PVC pipe and cut a piece to 15 9/16" long. Then we drilled seven holes, the hole for the mouth piece is drilled at 7/16" then there is three at 3/8" and another at 7/16" and 5/16". My dad let me help cut it with an electric saw and I held the tube while my dad drilled the holes. My dad allowed me to paint it green with spray paint. Total time to make was around an hour and a half.

To make sound you have to blow across the hole in the mouth piece.

You puff up your cheeks and blow hard to make a loud sound and blow soft to make a soft sound. The dynamic changes by the harder you blow on it it gets louder. You can change the pitch by putting your fingers on the holes to make it high or low. The timbre changes by the way you blow on the mouth piece.