Super Flower Power Scrapers

by Kolby B.

My instrument name is Super Flower Power Scrapers! This is how I made my instrument. First thing I did was to choose a piece of wood for my base of my instrument. The wood my dad brings home from work. My sister Ashley's boyfriend Cody drilled a hole in the center for the knobs. I painted the knobs hot pink to match the fabric. I put hot glue on the block to make the fabric stick. My mom and I stretched the fabric tightly to the block of wood. I put a square of sandpaper on one side of each block to make the sound. I used ribbon for decoration. It took 2 hours to make my instrument.

The sound is produced by hitting the blocks together, twisting the blocks or moving the blocks in an up and down motion.

You can make the dynamics change by hitting them together hard or soft. The pitch cannot be changed. The timbre for my instrument is scratchy. I really liked making this project.