by Jordan

The instrument I chose to make was the Didgeridoo. My Dad and I went to the hardware store and bought the supplies I needed. We had to buy PVC pipe, pipe fittings, and assorted colors of paint. My Dad and I put the pipe and fittings together to make the Didgeridoo. Once that was done I painted the instrument dark red. I had to apply three coats of paint. The paint had to dry in between each coat. After the main color was done I decided what designs to put on my instrument. I stenciled on suns, moons, and stars in assorted colors.

My Mom and I did some research on the Didgeridoo to find out where it was from and how they were made. We got our information from the internet. I also got some instructions on how to play the didgeridoo. After playing my instrument and doing some research I think the timbre of the didgeridoo is low, deep, subtle sound. The dynamics are loud when I blow with my lips loose and blow strong.

The Didgeridoo is a very interesting instrument that was used by the aborigines. It is Australlia's oldest musical instrument and one of the world's first wind instruments. Traditionally didgeridoos are made from young, termite-hollowed eucalyptus tree trunks and are harvested, handcrafted, and painted by artists from Australian aboriginal tribes. The didgeridoo is played by aborigines all over Australia.