Flute of Fire

by Justin

My instrument is called the "Flute of Fire." My Dad and I made it. After we bought all of the materials and grabbed a quick cheeseburger we took it all in the garage and got started.

The first thing I did was measure the length of the flute and mark it. Then I cut the PVC pipe to length using a hacksaw. I measured and marked places for the holes. My Dad drilled the first few holes to show me how. Then he let me drill the last two. Then I cleaned and painted the flute. I decided to paint the flute black with fire coming out of the holes because I thought it would look cool. Finally my Dad whittled a cork down to size and jammed it into the end of the flute. Painting my flute was the best part.

Sound is produced by blowing air over the top of the mouthpiece. It is very hard to do. You have to hold the flute at just the right angle.

I can make the sound louder by blowing into the flue harder, and softer by blowing not as hard. I can change the pitch by putting my fingers on different holes. The timbre of my instrument is pure, soft and tuneful.

I had a lot of fun making my instrument. My favorite part was painting it.