Joy Jingle Bell Mitt

by Katrina

My Mom and Dad helped me with the Joy Jingle Bell Mitt. My Dad got me information from the internet. I got to choose what I wanted to do. I chose the Joy Jingle Bell Mitt because it sounded fun for this type of season.

My Mom helped me get the materials and helped me learn a few stitches because I didn't know how to sew on the bells. I traced and cut out the Joy Jingle Bell Mitt.

When I got to my Grandma's this is what my Joy Jingle Bell Mitt looked like. The only thing I had sewed on were the bells. I had glued the front and back together. The reason we had to sew the front and back together was I didn't want the Joy Jingle Bell Mitt to break easily.

My Grandma helped me by sewing the front and back together because I was using a sewing machine for the outside and my Grandma didn't want me to sew my finger in the sewing machine needle. By my Grandma let me sew some parts that weren't so hard because I've never used a sewing machine before. My Grandma taught me all the parts of the sewing machine and now I know how to use it.

I don't know exactly how much time it took because I didn't do it in a straight number of days. It might be a week, but I'm not so sure because I did some on several days.

The materials I used included two colors of felt, red and blue, eight one-inch jingle bells, a needle and thread, plus Elmer's glue.

The way you get the sound is by putting your hand in the mitt and shaking your hand. The dynamics are soft if you shake lightly, but if you shake really hard, you will get the loud dynamic. There is only one pitch. The pitch is high. The timbre is jingle, like the reindeer on Santa's sleigh, soaring through the air in Polar Express.

My Grandma also helped me with this part of the report by typing what I said.