The Magical Spirit Caller

by Nate

My instrument is called, "The Magical Spirit Caller." My Mom, Dad, and Grandpa helped me make it. The first thing that I did was picked out a piece of wood to use for my instrument with help from my Grandpa. My Dad and I measured the wood using the measurements from the instructions. My Dad cut it with the table saw. Then I cut off the corners with the carving saw and drilled the hole for the string. The next step was to sand it. I sanded it down and sanded the corners to the right angle using a palm sander. It was hard to get the angles right and I had to use a wood chisel and then the palm sander again to make it smooth.

My Mom went to the store and bought bright red paint and red yarn. Then I painted it red and decorated it with silver and red symbols. The last step that I did to finish my instrument was to tie a long string to the hole on the Spirit Caller. I also decorated the string with yarn.

To play my instrument, I swing the Spirit Caller over my head. The faster I swing the Spirit Caller, the louder the dynamics are. The timbre of my instrument is a low hollow vibrating sound that is spooky to hear. The pitch of my Spirit Caller changes by swinging the rope faster to make it louder or slower to make the sound softer.