The Shimmering Star PVC Rain Stick

by Anna

My instrument is called the Shimmering Star PVC Rain Stick. The rain stick is in the percussion family. I decided to make a rain stick for my instrument project. My Dad found a piece of conduit pipe (PVC) in the barn and brought it into the living room and asked me if this would work, I said yes and my Dad asked me how short I wanted it. My parents thought it was too dangerous for me to cut the pipe, so my Dad went into the barn and cut it, then brought it into the living room for me to see it. I said it was the perfect size. Then my parents and I drove to Home Depot and bought end caps for the end of the pipe. Then my parents and I went to the JoAnn Fabrics store to pick out material and fringe. My Mom and I went into the store and I picked out the fabric, fringe and tacky glue. My Mom and I went to the counter and told the person how much material and fringe to cut. We then went to the checkout and paid for everything, then my parents and I went home.

My Mom and I talked about what to put into the pipe to make the sound. I decided to use beads. I put on one end of the end caps and poured the beads into the pipe. Then I put on the other end cap and my Mom shook it and I liked the sound. Then I took the material into the living room. My Mom showed me how long I should cut the material. I cut the material with scissors and wrapped the material around the pipe and glued it with tacky glue. I let that dry for 2 days and then I cut the fringe to go around the pipe and tacky glued it in three different places. I let it dry for 4 days and after those 4 days I tried it out and man did it sound good.

My Shimmering Star can be shaken or tipped to make different sounds. I shake it hard and fast to have loud dynamics or I tip it slowly to have soft sounds. The pitch is a medium high pitch and it stays the same no matter how fast or slow I turn it. The timbre of my instrument has a rich tinkly sound. Sometimes the timbre sounds like a rainstorm.