The Super Strummer

by Hannah

My instrument is called the Super Strummer. My Dad and I made it together. The two of us started out with a bucket, a piece of string, two hooks, and a washer. The tools my Dad and I used were a drill, a hot glue gun, and a dremel.

First my Dad and I painted the designs on a colored paper. Then my Dad cut the stick to the correct size while I held it in place. After that my Dad cut the bottom of the stick to fit the grooves in the bottom of the bucket while I was holding the stick in place again. Then my Dad drilled a small pilot hole in the stick and a hole in the bucket. I helped him screw the eyehook in the top of the stick. This was very difficult so my Dad did most of it. I then tied one end of the string to the eyehook with a triple knot, and then passed the string through the bucket and tied the washer on to the other end of the string with another triple knot. My Dad and I had to repeat this process three times before we got the length of the string right. Then my Dad and I glued on the designs and Garland we took of the Christmas tree on the bucket and the stick with the hot glue gun.

To play my instrument I put my foot on the top of the bucket and strum the string while holding the stick tight. The dynamics of it depends on where and how hard you strum. You can change the pitch by holding the stick tight or loose. The timbre is very low, soft, and best of all quiet.