American Popper

by Ryan

My instrument is called the "American Popper." My Mom, Dad, and Grandma helped me make it. First my Grandma went to Papa's Pumpkin Patch and got 2 small grouds that he had picked tow years ago and put in his barn to hollow out. When she got home she gave the 2q gourds and a jar of navy beans to me and I took them to my house.

Next I drilled a hole in each of the gourds using my Dad's cordless drill. After the holes were drilled I hollowed out the two gourds the rest of the way using a clothes hanger. The insides of the gourds looked and felt like foam. I then put 15 navy beans in each of the gourds.

I asked my Mom for red, white and blue spray paint. About a week later my mom got the spray paint. A week later my Mom got some white ribbon to close of the holes. After that I painted the gourds mostly red and blue. Then I sanded the stems off of the gourds with my Dad's help and gently sanded over the paint to make it smoother. After I finished sanding I repainted the gourds to make them shine. After the pain dried I used my hot glue gun and glued the ribbon on the gourds and I had my "American Poppers." I had just completely finished my instrument in about a week! When I first tried my instrument I thought the timbre was hollow and I still do.

Sound is produced by shaking the instrument. To make the dynamics loud you would shake the instrument harder. To make the dynamics soft you would shake the instrument gentler. You cannot change the pitch of this instrument. The timbre of this instrument is hollow.