The Klaker

by Mike

My Dad got the materials for The Klaker (my instrument) from a guy named Jefferson Ballew. My Mom, Dad, and I built The Klaker. The materials used include: wood, sinew, deer toes, leather hide, leather string, beads and feathers. I started by putting the deer toes on the sinew. I chose the beads, then I put the beads on the sinew. My Mom helped me put the sinew through the holes ;in the wood with a needle. I put the feathers on the end on a different kind of string and put that string through the wood where the deer toe was. After I put all the toes and beads on, I put the leather string on the wood. My Mom held the wood while I spun the leather around it. I put a piece of leather at the top of where the string was. I used super glue to keep everything that might come loose on. It took 4 hours!

Sound is produced by shaking The Klaker. The sound dynamics can be changed by shaking it harder or softer. The pitch made by The Klaker cannot be changed. The timbre of my instrument is hard to describe. I would say it sound like ice falling from a tree in the winter. It sounds like a crackling noise.

I enjoyed making my instrument invention. My favorite part was when I was putting the beads on the sinew. That was my favorite part because I would scoop the needle through the beads. My beads are in random order, I like it like that!