The Universal Drum

by Sam

To make my drum I got some coffee cans from my Mom and a plastic jar. My Dad and I took it to the garage and I measured and drilled the holes in the coffee cans. After that I attached them to the jar. My Dad helped me measure the strap and he cut it to size. I drilled the holes to hook it to the cans. We used thin metal for a rest to hold the cans away from my stomach. Some other things I used to make my drum were; bolts, nuts, metal, wooden dowel rods, black and silver paint, coffee cans, and some sticky stars.

To produce sound you strike or tap it. The harder the drum is hit the louder the sound will come out. If the drum is hit soft a lower sound will come out. If there are things inside of the drum it may make different noise sounds also.

You can change the dynamics by hitting it harder or softer. The sounds will change with the different things you use to strike the drum.