Emily's Winter Wind Chimes

My instrument is called, "Emily's Winter Wind Chimes." My Mom helped me make it. I picked the flower pot bell idea from the patterns that we got in class. I made some changes to the pattern. My Mom and I went to Home Depot and I picked out the different sizes of clay flower pots. Then I got our big craft box and found some things to hook the pots together and to decorated them.

First I painted the pots and let them dry overnight. Then I measured and cut the ribbon and decided where the stars, flowers and stones should go. My Mom glued them on where I wanted them. She had to do the glue because it was a hot glue gun. After they were decorated, my Mom helped some to get them hooked together.

My instrument makes sound when you shake it back and forth like a bell. To change the dynamics of the sound I can shake it hard or gently. I don't think that the pitch changes. I think the timbre is a clinky, chiming sound. That is why I named my instrument, "Emily's Winter Wind Chimes."