The Wooden Drum

by Rebecca

My instrument is called the Wooden Drum. My Dad and I used the basic pattern that was provided by Mrs. Voigt and made a few modifications. My Dad helped me make this drum and first he got the wood for the frame of the drum from one of the cabinet shops his company owns. Then my Dad and I glued the strips to form the frame using hot melt glue and wood glue. Once we had formed the frame I placed the clamps on it to hold it in place until the glue dried.

My Dad and I bought the dowel that was to be the handle at a Home Depot store where we also got some red paint and some varnish spray. My Dad showed me how to sand the dowel and wooden frame. I painted the handle red and put two coats on it. Once I had the frame sanded I took the spray varnish and coated it twice.

Once that was done I got some string and wooden beads that we had purchased at a craft shop. I drilled one little hole on each side of the frame. Then I took the string and poked it through the holes and tied knots in the ends. When I was done with that my Dad put some hot glue around the knots in the string for extra strength.

The my Dad drilled two larger holes and I put the dowel through them to form the handle. Then my Dad and I put some hot glue around each end to hold the handle in place. I put some extra glue all around the edge of the wooden frame to make sure it stayed as round as possible. Then I glued some beads at the top of the dowel for extra decoration.

While the glue on the frame was drying my Dad and I cute some heavy brown paper in large squares and I coated both sides with wall paper paste that we had in our basement. I used some swirling motions with the brush to give some texture similar to leather or animal skins.

Once the paste had dried we cut the brown paper into circles slightly larger than the frame and glued it into place using both hot melt glue and wood glue.

When the brown paper had dried in place I marked the center of the string and slid the larger wooden beads over the string. Then I tied knots in the string to hold the beads in place. Then my Dad added some hot glue to the knots. This completed the building of my Wooden Drum.

I make sound with my drum by twisting on the handle using both hands and the wooden beads on the end of the string strike the heads of the drum. I am able to change the dynamics of the drum by twisting the handle faster to produce a louder sound or slower to produce a softer sound. The pitch of the drum cannot be changed. The timbre of my Wooden Drum may best be described as warm with a slightly hollow resonance. If I spin the handle real fast the timbre becomes sharp and less hollow.