The Zany Banjo

by Nick

My instrument is called, "The Zany Banjo." My Dad helped me make it. I found a pattern on the internet and printed it. I made a list of things I would need to make my banjo. My Dad brought home the things I needed and my Mom saved me a bleach bottle. Then it was time to get started.

I measured the wood and marked it then held on to it while my Dad cut it with a saw. I sanded the ends of my wood. Then I cut my bleach bottle near the bottom. Then I painted the sides then my Dad painted the top. Then me and my Dad measured the wood and marked it then screwed the eye hooks on at both ends. I put three at one end and my Dad did it at the other end. Then Dad held the board and I strung colored string around it. Then I measured and marked a dowel and my Dad cut it. My Dad cut grooves in the dowel with a dremel tool. I then screwed the dowel onto my painted bleach bottle near the middle. I then strung a string in each eye hook and tied a knot in it. I tightened the strings by twisting the eye hooks. Then I wrote my name on the end and my Dad carved it for me.

I play my banjo by strumming my fingers on the string and holding down different strings with my fingers. The dynamics are soft when I play it. It has a high pitch. It sounds like a chime in the wind or humming. I can change the pitch my loosening or making the strings tighter or by holding down one or more strings when I strum it.

I had fun making it. I like playing it. It didn't take long to make.