by Bethany

How I Made My Banjo

My Dad, Dale Martinez and I made this Banjo out of a coffee can. I named it the Shepherd Pride Banjo because I am very proud to go to Shepherd Schools and I am very proud of this Banjo. We got our idea from the worksheet Mrs. K. Voigt gave us.

Preparing the Coffee Can

Preparing the Board

Making the Bridge

Attaching the Board to the Can

Making the Tuning Pegs

Decorating the Banjo

Attaching the Tuning Pegs

Different Sounds


How to Play My Bango
You have to strum the strings to make a sound. Each string makes a different sound. To make other sounds, you hold the strings down with your fingers and strum on the bottom of the strings. All four strings make different sounds and you make even more when you move your fingers. If you go fast you get a faster beat than you would if you went slow. And when you go slow you get a slow beat.

My Shepherd Pride Banjo took a long time to make. My Dad and I worked on it for a whole week. There were a lot of things to do.

I don't know were the Banjo first came from. But my Dad, Mark DeLong, has a banjo and took lessons when he was a kid. I found a song in my Dad's book of Banjo songs named, "Corn". Now I have a banjo like my Dad.