Making the Tuning Pegs
My Dad made 5 equal sections the length of the board and the bridge. Dad cut a dowel for the top of the neck to be smaller bridge next to where the tuning pegs are going to go. I glued the small bridge 3 inches down from the top of the neck and Dad put a little nail in it to make it secure. We put the same marks on the small bridge that we did on the neck and bridge.

On the bottom of the neck, Dad drilled 4 holes where we had the marks. Dad cut 4 dowels 1 inch long and then he drilled 4 little holes in those dowel pieces. These are the pegs. At the top of the neck, Dad drilled 4 more holes for tuning pegs. He cut the dowels different sizes. 2 were 1 inch long and 2 of them were 2 inches long. He drilled 2 holes in each of the pegs.