My Dad and I went out in the woods and looked for a straight standing tree that wasn't too thick. After that, my Dad cut down the tree we found then dragged it to the house so we can cut pieces off for the handles and the tube part. Then I carved the handles and the tube part. When that was done my Dad and I sanded some parts of the handles and the tubes. Then we let the wood dry out for a week.

After that I drilled out the center of the tubes. When that was done we went to my Dad's friend's house to get leather to cover the center of the tube...but before that we put rice inside so it will make noise when I shake it.

Then my Dad and I let the leather soak in warm water for 2 hours. When that was done we put the leather on the tube then we stitched the leather together end to end so it would be tight and make the noise that we wanted it to make when I shake it.

If you shake it hard the noise will be loud...if you shake it soft the noise will be soft.

Besides letting the wood dry for a week and the leather soak for 2 hours the project took about 8 hours to make. It cost 0$. It just took time and patience.