My Mom looked on the Internet and found a plan for a Plumber's Pipe, which is a flute. I went to my Grandpa's house so he could help me with my flute. My Grandpa brought some plastic water pipe and cut it the right length. First I marked it for the length. Then my Grandpa and I put masking tape on the pipe so it would be easier to mark. I found the right size drills and lay them in order for Grandpa and me to use. I put the marks on the pipe. Grandpa helped me drill the holes.
Then I sanded the flute and washed it in the sink. I took it home and I went to the Home Depot and bought some silver spray paint. Then I came home and spray painted my flute with the help of my Mom. It took about one hour to complete the flute. My Grandma made the case for my flute.

To make a sound you have to blow over the mouthpiece. You blow harder across the mouthpiece to make a loud sound and you blow softly over the mouthpiece to make a soft sound. To make the pitch higher or lower you have to cover up the holes on the flute. The 'plumbers pipe' has a timber of airy smooth tones.

**(Note from Mrs. Voigt: The 5 judges and I were very impressed with how well Greg played this instrument. Not many 4th grade students are able to develop the correct embouchure to create such a fine tone. We appreciated the effort he took at practicing his fine instrument.)