My instrument is a wastebasket drum. My Mom and Dad helped me make it. My Mom, my brother Cody, and I went to Walmart to look for a wastebasket for my drum. Most of them were too big. We finally found a smaller one. Then we started looking for things to decorate it with. We found some leather-like material to use and a leather shoe lace to use for the cord. My Mom helped me glue the red paper on the wastebasket. I decorated it with tape and I stenciled the stars myself. My Mom and I took turns cutting the leather to make fringe because it was hard to cut. My Dad cut the drumsticks out of a dowel rod. I painted them red. I found two corks about the same size and I painted them blue. Then my Dad helped me drill holes in the corks to make the drumsticks.

The sound is produced by striking the drum head. The dynamics and the pitch can be changed by beating the drum harder or softer. The timbre of the instrument is airy and is caused by vibrations.

Drums are one of the oldest and simplest musical instruments in the world. They are used for rhythm in music, and a long time ago were used to send signals because they can be heard far away. The drum is my favorite instrument.