My instrument is called the Japanese Gong or Shoko. My Mom and I went to the store and picked out a nice pizza pan. My Papa drilled a hole in it so we can hang it on a stand.

For the stand my Papa and I picked out some wood in the basement. I measured it. He cut it and I drilled the holes and put the screws into it. My Mom and I put the varnish on it.

I painted a Japanese peace symbol on it with paint that my Nana gave me.

My Papa made the mallet with a dowel and a round wooden ball. My Mom and I put a soft cloth over it to make a nice sound. I then took the gong and threaded leather through it and tied it to the wooden stand.

The gong needs to be tapped to make a sound. You can make the dynamics change by tapping the gong soft and hard. The timbre of the instrument is a smooth, deep sound.


The Japanese gong was introduced during the Heian Period (794-1185). The gong was one of the main percussion instruments used during songs, dances and court music. Percussion instruments like the gong were also used in Buddhist ceremonies and processions. Even though the rhythm of court music was different than the Buddhist music. The Buddhist had percussion richness in their life and ceremonies.