My Mom, Jessica my sister, and I shopped for beads, braid rope, glue, and dolphin stickers at JoAnn Fabrics. Then we went to Quality Farm and Fleet and bought the drum skin, clear tub, paint, and paint brushes. I got the 8 inch tube from my friend's Dad.


My Dad, my brother Eric, my Mom and I sanded and cut out the wood. I got to run the sander and the saw a little myself. The sander was jiggly. I painted the rings and the tube, then put on the braided rope and stickers. I soaked the skin then stapled it to the drum.


The drum has to be tapped on. If you hit it hard it makes a loud sound. If you hit it lightly you make a soft sound. When you tighten the ropes it makes a higher pitch and louder deeper sound. If you loosen the ropes it makes a lower pitch and a soft sound.