When you play the instrument you shake it. Sound is produced by the marbles and the beads that are inside. When the marbles and the beads hit each other, they make sound. When you take the maracas, and shake them really fast it makes more sound, and it's louder.

Hello! I'm Sarah. Today I have two maracas. My Mom helped me think of the idea, but I did most of the work. It took about two hours to make.

The materials that I needed were two water bottles, blue, string, beads, shells, marbles, and glitter.









The first thing I did was get two water bottles beside the sink. Then my Mom & I took off the paper on the bottles. Then I looked for some decorations to put on my maracas. When I found them, I took my necklace apart that my Grandma gave to me. Then I put on the string, beads, glitter, and shells.

After I put on the decorations, I put in the marbles and beads. My Mom helped me super glue the beads on to the bottles.

When you take the maracas, and shake them really slow it makes less sound, and it's softer. I think the timbre of the instrument is gravely, because it sounds like gravel when you shake it.