Emily's Flower Pot Bells
I chose the flower pot bells because I wanted to hear the different sounds that they make when you tap them. My mom and Dad helped me make them. My Mom and I bought the 3 flower pots, the paint and the dowel at JoAnn Fabrics. The rest of the materials we had at home.

I painted the flower pots silver. I used the colors green, purple and red to sponge paint them.

My Dad and I used a piece of dowel to make the wooden tapper. I used a measuring tape to meaure 12 and 3/4 inches. Then my dad cut the dowel with a saw. The 2 inch wooden end on the tapper is cut from an old broom stick. I then painted it lavender. My Mom used a hot glue gun to attach it to the dowel.

The wooden hanger is made from another part of the broom stick. I measured 20 inches and marked it, then my Dad cut it with a saw. I painted it red, purple and green. My Mom and I used shoe laces to hang the flower pots on the wooden hanger.


The sound is produced by tapping the flower pots with the tapper. The dynamics can change by how hard or soft you tap each one. The pitch is determined by the thickness and size of each bell The smaller the bell, the higher the note. The bigger the bell, the lower the note. The timbre ofthe large bell is sweet, the medium bell is golden and the small bell is twinkly.
Bells come in many colors and sizes. We hear bells ring at church, weddings and at Christmas time.