Taylor's Can Drum

I rinsed and dried the can.

  • Then I removed the bottom with the can opener. I cut a 9" circle from the fabric.
  • Then my Mom and I finished the edges of the circle by passing the raw edges through the flame of the candle.
  • Then I hot glued the fabric circle to the top of the coffee can.
  • Then I stretched the big rubber band around the top of the can where glue is.
  • Then I trimmed the fabric. Then I covered the sides of the can with paper.
  • Then I put stickers on the paper on the can.
  • Then I glued the beads to the ends of the dowels.
  • Then I painted it with acrylics.
  • Then I typed my report.

When you hit the top of the drum the sound travels through the top and into the body of the drum. Make sure you don't have the bottom covered up. If you do, it will make a different sound.

If you hit the top of the drum hard you will have a louder sound. If you hit the top softer, the sound will be quieter.

If you stretch it very much, there will be a lower sound.

If you use the big end of your drum stick there will be a booming sound. If you use the little end there will be a tapping sound.