Josh's Colored Pipe Chimes
My Dad and I tried to think of an instrument to make. So we went out to his pole barn and looked through all of his scrap materials. After looking we found some old copper pipe, conduit pipe and fittings. Together we came up with the idea of pipe chimes. We counted out the fittings then measured the pipes for length.

I clamped the pipes in a vise and I cut the length with tubing cutters. My Dad drilled the holes in the pipes and I spray painted them different colors. We put it together and tied the pipes on the frame with heavy fishing line. I also made a striker out of wood and painted it.

Now it was time to try out my new instrument. I hit each pipe with the striker. They all had different tones from low to high (pitch). The timbre of my instrument is a pinging sound. If you strike the pipes hard, they produce a loud tone and if you strike them softly, they produce a soft tone.