Hannah's Dooley Stick


My instrument is called the "Dooley Stick". My Mom, Dad, and sister Ashley helped me make it.

It was made from a 2"x2"x5' long pine board, 24 #16 x1 1/4 inch wire nails, 48 metal bottles caps, 5 different spray paints and several different color paints for decorating the stick. I also needed an electric sander, a hammer and a large nail to make it.
My sister Ashley and I sanded the stick with the sander. I spray painted the stick white and the bottle caps different colors on each side. It was fun spray painting them.
After they were dry, my Mom helped make the hole in each bottle cap with the large nail and the hammer. I then put 2 bottle caps back to back and put a wire nail through them.

My Mom helped start the nail into the stick and I finished hammering them in far enough so they could rattle against each other. I spaced them about one inch apart and put 6 set of bottle caps on each side of the stick on the upper half.

When I was done hammering all the caps on, I painted the bottom puart of the stick with the paint. It took about 5 hours to make including drying time of the paint.

The sound is produced by tapping the bottom of the stick on the ground or by shaking it. I like the sound of it better when shaken.

The dynamics can be changed by how hard or soft you shake or tap it. It is loudest when shaken or tapped hard and softer when shaken or tapped lightly. I think the timbre sounds kind of clinky like the rain.