Kaylee's Tubular Glockenspiel
My instrument is called the Tubular Glockenspiel. I found out how to make it off the internet.

My Dad and I went to Home Depot to buy some electrical tape and some conduit pipe. Then I marked the lengths I needed and I cut them with my Dad's help.

Then my Mom went to the Dollar Tree to buy some wire. I lined up the pipes from longest to shortest. Then I put two beads in between each pipe. I added some extra beads on the top for the handle. My Mom tied the knots on the ends.

With the extra pipe left over I made the beater. I wrapped three layers of electrical tape around the end.

To make sound I tap my beater against the pipes. I tap it softly to make a soft sound and I tap it hard to make a louder sound. I tap the shorter pipe to get a higher pitch sound and I tap the longer pipe to get a lower pitch sound. The pitch goes lower as I move down the glockenspiel.

I would describe the timbre as brassy.

I don't know the history of the Tubular Glockenspiel. I have never seen one before I made it.