The Fun Filled Flute

By Rachel, 4th Grade

My instrument is a flute. It is called the Fun Filled Flute. It is in the wind family.

I made my flute out of a PVC pipe. I cut it to be 16-7/16 in length. I put a cork on the end where you blow into it to stop the air. Now when you blow into it the air travels through the flute and only comes out one end.

This is how the music is made! To make the blow hole I drilled a 3/8 hole 1 inch from the cork. Then you drill the finger holes 3/8 apart. There are six finger holes. (My dad helped me drill the holes.)

After I drilled the holes I cleaned them out with a craft knife/rat-tail knife. Then I spray painted it blue.

If you would like to make a flute here's what you need:

1 inch by 17 inch PVC pipe.

1 cork (wine-bottle sized)

a drill

craft knife/rat-tail knife

spray paint