By Emily, 6th Grade

My instrument is the Itchy-Atchy-Scritch-Scratch. It is made of a wrapping paper tube, toothpicks, rice, and Reynolds Wrap, colored by markers. The rain stick gave me the idea, except I cut the tube a bit shorter so could give it a beat better.


The Itchy-Atchy-Scritch-Scratch was made when I took the tube, cut it short a bit, and poked holes into it all around the tube. I then put toothpicks through the holes of my tube.


The reason I put toothpicks in the tube was so the rice could fall through with a more relaxing flowing sound, for that is my intent.  

The Itchy-Atchy-Scritch-Scratch can also flow in beat with music.

For decoration, I just took different colored markers all over the tube to look like a brightly colored instrument.

Below is an article I read on the Internet about the rain stick that inspired me to make the Itchy-Atchy-Scritch-Scratch:


Somewhere in Africa thousands of years ago rain sticks were played to remind the spirits that rain was welcome. Today, the rain stick serenades the gods of the Diaguitas, a native Chilean people of South America. From the windswept hillsides and barrancas beneath the Andes, artisans with burros collect dead and dried cactus which might otherwise be used for firewood. The thorns are then pressed into hollow shafts. Pebbles cascading over the thorns create the sound of this ancient instrument which is still heard in the music of the Andes. Play it and pray for rain, or pray for tranquility and peace. The rain stick is magic.