Be-Boppin' Santa

by Katherine K.

My instrument is a musical "Be-Boppin' Santa". He is made out of a toy Santa which I stuffed into a hole cut in the top of a shoe box. Then I wrapped the shoe box in red wrapping paper and put a black sparkling sticker around his waist to be his belt. I cut a hole in Santa's stomach and put rubber bands across it.

You can strum the rubber bands and get a guitar sound. I used different sizes of ruber bands to get different sounds. The rubber bands vibrate as you strum them. Some make high pitches and some make low pitches. I cut a hole on Santa's left side, then on the right, and used a paper towel roll cut in half to make Santa's arms. I filled the arms with rice. You can shake him and the rice moves around and you get another type of sound. This sound is a loud tamborine sound.